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Frequently Asked Questions!

How much money can I make?

The type of money you can make football trading is almost limitless. There are millions of pounds being matched on every top level football match which means that is money that is available for you to win!

Is this legal?

Yes this is all 100% legal. There will be some countries where gambling is illegal so if you are based in the USA then you might have trouble getting access to Betfair.com. So be sure to check the gambling law in your territory.

What size bank do I need?

You can start trading and practising with stakes as small as £2 a time. So you could easily just deposit about £50 to play around with. Obviously, the bigger your bank, the bigger your profits will be. If you are new its best to start small till you are comfortable.

Are these strategies easy to understand and work?

The strategies are very easy and simple once you know how to do them. We explain each strategy in extreme detail and even give you illustrations so you can understand it better. Also, if you have any problems you can just contact our support email as we offer life time support guaranteed to every customer.

Is software needed to make them work?

Many professionals do use trading software as it can make the whole process much easier. However, it’s still possible to trade just as good without it. You can still use all the Total Football strategies without software but just remember that software will make life much easier!

Do I need a good knowledge of football?

It’s good to have a basic knowledge of football so you will know the rules and who the top teams are. It’s not that necessary to have an extensive knowledge of the sport in order to profit but you will find that the better your knowledge is the easier it is to trade. Even if you don’t know anything about football now, you will soon learn as you go along!

Do I need to watch every match to trade these systems?

Many of our professionals are now at the stage where they know many of the teams so well that they can trade simply by looking at the markets. In the beginning its recommended that you try and watch the games you are trading. This is easy since there is so much football you can watch just on the Betfair live video feed and all for free.

Do you send out selections for us to trade also?

This is something that some companies might do however we believe the best way to learn is by going at the markets yourself rather then having someone hold your hand. When you give a man a fish he eats for a day, but when you teach him how to fish he can eat for the rest of his life! The sooner you start making your own selections the better!

10 systems literally for the price of one!

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