Total Betfair Football Trading

As we know, during the football season there can be loads of football matches in-play at once on Betfair. We suggest you filter out the matches you want to trade in advance. We have added this page so you can begin to filter out the matches you want to trade by league.

The stats below show you the goal average per league and this will help you decide which leagues will most suit your trading style.

For example, if you are trading around the fact you need goals to be scored then you might want to look for leagues with a high goal average and avoid those leagues with a low goal average.

Based on the stats below you can see that if you are looking for matches with goals in England then the Premier League is the best place to starts and The Championship might be a league to avoid based on last season’s statistics as it has a low average compared to other leagues.

Based on the below averages the best leagues for frequent goals are: Dutch Leagues, German Bundesliga, English Premier League and Spanish La Liga.

Leagues that you might want to avoid if you are trading around goals are: French Leagues, Italian Serie B, English Championship.


Goal Averages Per League:

  Green means Go, Red means be careful!!

Australian A-League – 2.70 Goals Per Game

 Dutch Eredevisie – 3.26 Goals Per Game

 Dutch Eerste Divisie – 3.23 Goals Per Game

 English Premier League – 2.81 Goals Per Game

 English The Championship – 2.57 Goals Per Game

 England League 1 – 2.70 Goals Per Game

 England League 2 – 2.64 Goals Per Game

 France Lique 1 – 2.52 Goals Per Game

 France Lique 2 – 2.29 Goals Per Game

 German Bundesliga – 2.86 Goals Per Game

 German Bundesliga 2 – 2.79 Goals Per Game

 Italian SerieA – 2.56 Goals Per Game

 Italian Serie B – 2.52 Goals Per Game

 Portugal Premier League – 2.64 Goals Per Game

 Spanish La Liga – 2.76 Goals Per Game

Spanish Segunda – 2.64 Goals Per Game

 USA MLS – 2.60 Goals Per Game