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This page will be dedicated to providing links to websites that can help with your research and your trading. If you spot any other useful websites that are not mentioned below then feel free to leave a comment below to help other members out.

It is highly recommended you add many of these sites to your bookmarks on your laptop so you do not have to keep logging in here to check them. We will keep adding as many links as we find them or our members supply them.

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Live Scores Websites

Keeping up to date with the action is crucial when trading, especially if you are trading on a busy Saturday. Make sure to bookmark the livescore websites so you can instantly be up to date with the latest scores. Flashscores even has in-play stats for certain leagues too.



 Live Streaming Websites

Nothing beats actually seeing the action unfold with your eyes when trying to make decisions in-play. Not everyone has Sky Sports, ESPN or access to all the matches but these days it is very easy to get a good quality stream direct on your computer screen. These sites regularly get shut down or changed all the time but currently the ones below are the best for this.



Stats Websites

Doing your research before every match is essential, if you do not do your research then do not expect to make money! These sites listed below will usually give you all the statistics that you need to know before a match kicks off that will help you plan your trades.


Soccer Stats

Bet Virus

Bet Explorer




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  • mattpromattpro says:

    one I use is
    easy to use and quite good for preditions.

  • puppyguts says: is a a useful site for statistics form etc you can tell alto of effort has gone it to it, great one for those who love pie charts 😛